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You Asked, We Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in maintenance?

 Advantage Aquariums will work with you to design a maintenance service that fits the needs of your tank as well as your budget.  You took time to create the beauty within your tank, and we take pride in servicing it.  Our standards are set high above the rest, and we will ensure your tank and the beauty it holds is taken care of.
During your scheduled maintenance service, we will:

  • Test tank water parameters to ensure proper levels 

  • Clean the tank in its entirety, including all decorations, plants and filtration system 

  • Perform a partial water change 

  • Advise you as to the tank’s condition and any future potential problems

If there are additional maintenance service tasks you would like, please call to discuss.  Advantage Aquariums will be happy to build it into the schedule.

Do you install aquariums?

Advantage Aquariums takes pride in their installation expertise and will install any new aquarium to your satisfaction. We can also provide assistance with the improvement of an existing tank you already own.  Whether you want to start from scratch or upgrade the current system and replace equipment with up-to-date high quality products, we can take it to perfection.  
Installations include. . . .
The special talent that our installation crew portrays sets us apart from other companies out there.  We have a trained installation team with excellent craftsmanship and an artistic vision.  Advantage Aquariums strives to create a living piece of beauty in your home or office.  Also, letting us take care of your tank leaves you with a peace of mind knowing that your service crews are licensed and fully insured. Why not let us do the work for you, and then you can sit back, relax and enjoy your beautiful masterpiece.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes! Advantage Aquariums is licensed and insured.  Our expertise ensures that our customers receive the highest level of service and satisfaction.

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